Best Mountain Bike GPS

Mountain bike is the best option to explore the countryside off-track roads. When you are going for some extreme areas, it is crucial to track the road.

But without any device, this can’t be conceivable to get the geolocation. For this, using a mountain bike GPS (Global Positioning System) is the most convenient way.

Besides tracking your location, this device gives the speed, heart rate, distance, and some other related data.

Picking the best mountain bike GPS from an extensive collection could be difficult for anyone. But don’t be worried! A team of experts has researched for you and recommended the top 5 products.

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How To Choose The Best Mountain Bike GPS

Remember that keeping some essential facts before finalizing a GPS for mountain bikes will give you the best deal. Here are things you must consider.

Easy to Use

Your first attention should be selecting an item that has accessible features. Notably, the display should be large enough to read the data comfortably. Furthermore, check the mounting option to attach with bike flawlessly.

Types of Data

Each ride has a different demand from a bike computer. So, make sure you are selecting the type based on your requirements. Check which data can the chosen device shows you.

Third -Party App Connectivity

To get all info in detail, you need to use a separate sports app. This requires Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with third-party apps. Check for this and select the right option.


No doubt that spending more money on a mountain bike GPS will give you more characteristics. But don’t be bothered when you have a minimal budget. Choose a product that gives fundamental information such as maps, speed, distance, heart rate, etc. This will save you money.

Best Mountain Bike GPS

1. Edge 1000 with Bike Cadence Sensor

Whenever a device related to sports, Garmin will be at the top in the list of best brands. They have made this Edge 100 bike cadence sensor, which is suitable for a wide range of usages. You can effortlessly attach this device with your mountain bike. Features the extended out-front mount for easy attachment. You can connect the device directly with your smartphone for your convenience.

It comes with a touch display, which is 3″ large. You can see the speed, heart rate, map, and more things on it. It automatically adjusts for low-light areas to read easily. Make your tour plan directly with the smart navigation system. It comes with unique points of interest (POIs) for tour planning.


  • Read texts, emails, and get call notifications
  • Standard mount for attaching with the bike
  • Track the heart rate, speed, distance, and location
  • Touchscreen display for convenience
  • Connect Garmin connect Segments for a race like a ride


  • The power button could be improved for durability

2. Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer

Indeed, mountain bike GPS devices are not cheap. But when you are looking for something affordable without losing the quality, this Wahoo ELEMNT GPS bike computer is recommended. Despite a low price, this item has a wide range of features. You can customize the display according to your preferences. It easily fits any bike and highly durable for longevity.

You can either download its app, or you can use third-party apps for tracking everything. Most of the popular apps including Strava, RideWithGPS, Komoot, and more are compatible with it. Make your road with the map and get pop-up and LED notification on the screen for your convenience.


  • One of the best inexpensive mountain bike GPS
  • Easy to integrate with third-party apps
  • Customizable settings for handiness
  • Get call, text, and email notifications on display
  • Large display for easy understanding


  • Font style should be improved
  • The old-fashioned display may disappoint you

3. Garmin Edge 830 Mountain Bike Bundle

Once you have purchased the best mountain bike GPS, the next thing that comes into mind is how to install it. Well, for installing the GPS computer with your bike, you need to use the mounting kit. The good news is, when you are buying the Garmin Edge 830, you don’t have to buy it separately. It is a complete package of all the essential items. It comes with a larger display for reading the related data.

With the mapping, you can make a unique road for your bike tour. Moreover, you can get all the necessary insights with this device. Get the VO2 max, training load focus, heat and altitude, jumping height and distance, and more. When you have this on hand, you won’t forget your returning track ever.


  • Allows for group messaging
  • You can pair the device with your smartphone
  • Up to 20-hours battery life
  • All essential data in detail
  • Notify you when you need hydration


  • A little bit pricey because of advanced features and longevity

4. Polar V650 Cycling Computer

To have a fancy mountain bike computer, you don’t need a high budget. Instead, you can have your desired product at an affordable price. This Polar V650 is an excellent example of that. This is a fancy product with a bright and colorful display. This an advanced product that gives tons of biking related data. Additionally, to make your tour plan, you can see the altitude, barometric pressure, heart rate, speed, and more things.

It comes with Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect it with your smartphone. Use popular apps for getting related data. You can use Strava or Polar Flow for the best accurate data. Use this bike computer at any moment all season with the water-resistant feature.


  • Free maps with location info
  • Comes with 2.8″ display with better visibility
  • Built-in sensor for pressure reading
  • Compatible with smartphones using Bluetooth
  • Easy to share your data with Polar Flow


  • The power button could be improved for durability

5. Bryton Rider 530 GPS Cycling Computer

No wonder that most of the mountain bike computers are costly. So, it is challenging to find the best mountain bike GPS within a tight budget. But thanks to Bryton for their Bryton Rider 530 GPS computer for cycling. It is one of the best mountain bike computers for money. With a large display and reliable data, it makes your riding satisfaction.

You can make your trip route using this device. The built-in compass allows getting all essential navigation. The built-in barometer gives the reading of pressure. All other necessary data are available too such as speed, cadence, current position, and more.


  • Best value mountain bike GPS
  • Easy to attach with bikes
  • You can use Strava, Training Peaks, and Fit track for data upload
  • Analyze your trip data
  • Built-in barometer


  • You have to download the map in the phone for detail trip planning
  • This device is not waterproof


Now, buying the best mountain bike GPS is not difficult for you. Pick whichever product you liked. Here you got both expensive GPS and inexpensive GPS options. The choice is yours, what features you want and how much you can spend.

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