Best Mountain Bikes Under 300

If you are looking for the best mountain bikes under 300, then you should article to get the best mountain bike for you. Riding a bike in some unknown areas and feeling the beauty of nature is the best way to enjoy your holiday.

Considering the price, speed, comfort, and performance, a mountain bike is the best type for a wide range of usages. Both expensive and inexpensive mountain bikes are available in the market. The problem is, for low budget bikes, it becomes difficult to choose the right one.

Though the process is critical, it is not impossible to balance between price and quality. After testing more than 50 bikes at a low cost, finally, a team of experts suggested the top 10 bikes. Here are the best mountain bikes under 300.

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Merax 26″ Mountain Bicycle with Suspension Fork 24 Speed

For long rides on some off-track roads, you must have to use a lightweight bike. But sometimes it is tough to find the best mountain bikes under 300, which also have lightweight. Thanks to Merax for their invention. The frame is constructed from aluminum.

How To Choose The Best Mountain Bike?

Whenever you are in a search for top quality mountain bikes, there are some basic things to consider. If an MTB bike contains all the following features, you can go for it.

Frame Material

In a mountain bike, the frame is the main structure where everything is connected. If it is durable, it is ready to take the heavyweight and perform better. MTB bikes come in a wide range of materials. The most common materials are 6061 aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, steel, and titanium.

Now, as we are looking for inexpensive bikes, the carbon fiber material is challenging to buy. So the thing you can do is choose a steel or aluminum frame that has strength. Check the material grade to ensure this is the one. Weight is also an issue related to the frame. Try to balance between weight and quality frame materials.


Did you hear about back pain and tailbone displacement problems? Most of the time, this happens just because of choosing the wrong size of the bike. To prevent injuries, and to keep your back stress free, choose the right frame height and wheel size.

For sizing, you have to consider several things which are – the length from the seat to the handlebar, the height of the seat, and height from the seat to pedals. To maintain this ratio, calculate your height and adjust with the bike size by using the chart of height accuracy. Besides, for wheels, there are mainly tow popular sizes, which are 26″ standard and 29er wheels. For riding on excessive terrains, more thickness in the wheel will be better. For regular riding, you may choose a smaller size.


You want to buy a mountain bike because you want some adventurous riding, right? But is your bike ready to jump on the rough surface? Well, for riding on the tough terrains, the bike should have a suspension. Otherwise, it won’t be able to tolerate the shock. This can cause serious injury to your tailbone.

Mountain bikes used to come with both rear and front suspension. But a front fork is more popular, and it prevents shock on the body. You remain safe from pain and the chance of an accident. There are mainly two options to choose from. You can either buy a bike with a single suspension or a dual suspension. The dual suspension is better for extreme riding.


Don’t choose a bike just based on its top speed or the speed settings. With high speed, you also need to use stopping power. This is not possible unless the bike has an excellent braking system.

For mountain bikes, disc brakes are the best. This style is suitable for all-terrain. But when you have a minimal budget, disc brakes won’t be available. In that case, choose the pull brake and make sure it has the controlling system.

Other Considerations

Besides the above considerations, some other facts should be in your mind which are below:

  • Easy to change gear and speed shifter
  • Weight capacity of the bike; especially when your weight is above average
  • Look for a comfortable assembling bike to avoid further hassle
  • Buy a bike that has a comfortable seat to prevent tailbone pain

Best Mountain Bikes Under 300

1. Max4out Mountain Bike

If you buy this mountain bike, you will never complain that low priced bikes are not suitable for a long ride. I am saying this because this is a standard mountain bike that does have all the essential features. It comes with 26-inch standard wheels and slips resistant features. Within a low-budget, it is constructed with a solid frame and top-grade materials.

It is a super comfortable bike to ride on all terrains. The suspension fork absorbs the shock and gives you protection. Change the speed base on your track. The bike includes a 21-speed and comfortable gear changing mechanism. Besides high speed, it features heavy stopping power with disc brakes. Adjust the height according to your need and ride on cities, off-tracks, wasteland, beach, and more.

2. Merax 26″ Mountain Bicycle with Suspension Fork

For long rides on some off-track roads, you must have to use a lightweight bike. But sometimes it is tough to find the best mountain bikes under 300, which also have lightweight. Thanks to Merax for their invention. The frame is constructed from aluminum. However, regardless of lightweight, it can take up to 330 lbs. of weight.

It is an ideal bike to ride on a variety of tracks. Comfortable speed changing with Shimano 24-speed derailleurs and shifters. With this modern feature, get the actual speed according to the road. No matter when you need to stop the bike immediately. It includes disc brakes for heavy power of stopping. The front fork design keeps your shack free on any rough surface. This is the best entry-level inexpensive mountain bike for young people.

3. EUROBIKE Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Want to go for some adventurous tours in the countryside? Don’t have much budget for a good quality mountain bike? Then the best product that I can recommend is this one from EUROBIKE. Its price is comparatively affordable. The best part is, it didn’t compromise with quality because of less cost. After receiving the product, you are going to like it a lot because of the stunning look.

There is a flat front bar with a height-adjustable seat. Get the best settings that suit you and keep pain free. It is a durable mountain bike that you can even use for stunts. The upgrade frame suspension will absorb the shocks for staying comfortable. Change the gear for variable speeds with Shimano 21 speed shifter. For full control on speed, it includes disc brakes.

4. Merax FT323 Mountain Bike

If you don’t want to go for extreme rides, this Merax FT323 bike is for you. It is one of the best inexpensive mountain bikes for tours. Frame constructed from aluminum that ensures durability and makes the bike lightweight. Despite the low prices, this is a full-featured mountain bike. The full suspension feature will keep you comfortable in all terrains.

With 17″ frame size, it features 26 “x1.95 wheels. This is a standard combination for riding the bike in a wide range of areas. Change the speed with Shimano 3×7 speed shifter based on track. Get the control on the speed with linear-pull brakes. Though it won’t work like disc brakes, still it is enough for control. For the entry-level, I strongly recommend this bike.

5. Max4out Mountain Bike with Disc Brake

Looking for the best mountain bikes under 300 to ride on all tracks? Then you must check this one from Max4out. This is a full features mountain bike with a solid frame. The frame is made from a combination of carbon steel material for heavy strength. It features the 26-inch 6-spoke fashion rims, which help for fast and safe riding.

The thing I liked most is its foldable design. Just use the quick-release clamp for folding the bike quickly. This allows carrying the bike in extreme roads where you don’t have a track for riding. Also, store it conveniently. For smooth speed changing, it features 21-speed changes. Control speed in all conditions with powerful disc brakes.

6. LOOCHO 21 Speed Foldable Mountain Bike

This is a newly released bike that kept the price within the customers’ budget range. For a full-featured mountain bike, you don’t have to spend a lot. For the users’ convenience, it features a foldable design. Carry it wherever you want and go for extreme riding without any worries. It includes 26 inches 3-spoke wheel and a solid frame.

Go for higher speed in the smooth road with Smooth 21-speed front/rear derailleur and shifter — heavy powered disc brakes for perfect speed control. To stay comfortable and give your body release from stress, the dual suspension is included. Unlike most of the mountain bikes, it won’t take much effort for assembling. It may take a maximum of 10-15 minutes for full assembling.

7. Eurobike 26″ Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This is a universal mountain bike that is suitable for both men and women. It comes with a portable design for convenience. Fold the bike in a simple step and carry it on your car to take it to the extreme areas. With a sold frame and 26-inch wheel, this is the standard bike for a low budget.

Featuring the Shimano 21 speed shifters, this is a fast bike. You can control the speed smoothly in rough tracks. Controlling the bike is comfortable with dual disc brakes. This provides ample power to stop the bike in an immediate situation. Compared to similar products, it has less weight that you can carry on hand in extreme areas where you don’t have a track for riding.

8. Eurobike Mountain Bike G7 with 27.5 Inches Wheel

Eurobike has a wide range of mountain bike collection. The good thing is, they have some budget-friendly options for the users. If you want to ride your bike on all terrains with great comfort, this bike G7 is highly recommended. It comes with 27.5-inch wheels instead of 26″. This provides more power and shock absorption during the ride.

Instead of only front suspension, it is designed with dual suspension. When you are on some hard surfaces, it won’t be an issue. Stay comfortable and keep your back pain free during the ride. The speed variation of this item is impressive. The 21-speed shifting system allows getting the right gear in different areas. The dual disc brakes on the bike give you the power to stop the bike and control speed when necessary.

9. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

For different types of bikes, Schwinn is a famous brand. They produce top quality products at affordable prices. When you have a budget below 300, and you don’t want luxury features, this one is for you. Regardless of simple and minimalistic design, it can ride on all terrains. Especially for teenagers, this is a perfect mountain bike.

Your kid will like this item because of the outstanding look and easy to ride. It provides total safety during the ride. It is ready to ride and doesn’t require much assembling. For the comfort in a rough surface, it does have the suspension. Gear system to change the speed smoothly. Pulling brakes on both sides for controlling the speed.

10. Excursion Mountain Bike 27.5″ Men’s with 21-speed Twist Shifters

If you have an extremely low budget and looking for a mountain bike with fill feature, this 27.5″ bike is a good option. This item is designed with a steel mountain-style frame for durability. Though it is not a lightweight bike, still you will feel comfortable in it. The wheels come in 27.5″ size for riding on different surfaces with comfort.

Change the gear with 21-speed twist shifters and Shimano rear derailleur. Wide range of speed settings to choose from. Front suspension design absorbs shock on rock surfaces. Pull brake on the front and rear for better control on the speed.


This is an exclusive list of best mountain bikes under 300. All the bikes here are tested and analyzed for the best performance. Selected by a team of experts. So, order any of the above bikes that meet your requirements. However, if you think you want to check more products, read the buying guide to choose the best mountain bike within your budget range.

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