Family Camping Tips and Tricks

Do you have plans to take your family on a camping trip? If yes, then you’re in the right place.We have a lot of fun and simple family hacks and activities you can follow to make your trip memorable. Studies have found out that having an outdoor experience can make kids environmentally conscious, manage stress, and reduce boredom. Read on to find out the best family camping tips and tricks which will help you get the most memorable camping trip ever.

Fun Camping Idea and Hacks for Families

Where Should You Start Before Going on a Family Camping Trip?

Campsite camping with a car is one of the easiest ways to enjoy camping with your family. You needn’t worry about backpacking and you will have a considerable amount of space to take things where you will not worry about the weight of the items. These tips will also be applicable when you go camping without a car.

Here are our suggestions that will help you get started.

Chat with your friends or family

If you have friends or family who enjoy camping, pick their brains and ask for suggestions about family-friendly camping sites. You can ask them for tips and how they prepared for their camping trip.

Select the right camping site

If you’re new to camping, you must always choose a fully equipped campsite that has amenities such as clean drinking water, restroom facilities, and playground or sports activities.

Talk with your family

Have a conversation with your family about the activities they’ll enjoy, whether they’ll want to play sports or explore the woodland.

Keep it short

Initially, avoid traveling to a campsite that is far from your home so you and your family will have a good amount of energy when you arrive at the campsite. Make sure to keep the trips short so you can find out how each one responds.

How Should You Prepare For a Family Camping Trip?

Once you have had a discussion with your family and fixed the campsite, you need to start preparing for your trip. Even if you are a first-time family camper or an experienced camper, you might overlook certain things. To better prepare you, here are some of the points you must keep in mind so you can be better prepared.

Check the weather

When the date for your trip is nearby, check the weather forecast. Consider postponing your trip if storms or cold weather is in the forecast.

Plan your meals

Always go for something simple like a one-pot meal or an easy-to-make recipe. Click here to find out some quick & easy camping meal ideas.

Do a trial run at home

Set a tent in your backyard or nearby park if you don’t have enough space and do a trial. If your camping equipment is new, then it’ll be the right time to test it out. This will help the kids get excited about the real camping trip!

Try an outdoor activity

Take a short hike before you go on camping as this will get everyone acclimatized to being in nature.

Make a checklist

Packing for camping should not be a spontaneous affair. Create a checklist of everything you need to follow so nothing will be left behind.

Be organized

Label all the boxes as it will save you when you pack your car to go to the campsite. Keep essentials such as snacks and water easily accessible.

How to Stay Healthy and Sanitized While Camping?

Staying healthy and hygienic is important to have a fun and safe outdoor experience. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, following some safety guidelines will keep you and others safe. Here are some tips that’ll keep you and your family safe and sanitized on your camping trip.

Wear insect repellent

Apply it regularly to keep biting bugs at bay.

Be aware of the sun

Camping outside means that you’ll be exposed to the sun for a long period of time. So carry sunscreen and hats.

Know the COVID-19 guidelines

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, many parks and recreation organizations are encouraging people to maintain physical distancing and wear face masks. Check the hours of operations and possible closures so you can plan for alternative activities.

Keep toiletries In a separate bag

Place the toiletries into a separate bag so it’ll be easily accessible. Carry your own items so you’ll always be prepared.

Maintain good hygiene practices

Wash your hands frequently, cover your coughs and sneezes with the inside of your sleeve, and stay home if you are sick. Avoid touching your face and wash your hands with soap or sanitizer if you touch public items such as tables and benches.

How to Dress Your Kids for the Outdoors?

One way to keep your kids comfortable is to make sure they’re dressed appropriately. A comfortable kid will be a happy kid outdoor. Here are some guidelines and tips that’ll help you set up your child to have a successful outdoor experience.

More layers

Since camping will have a varying outdoor temperature, dress your kids with plenty of layers so kids will always be comfortable.

Pack more clothes

Getting messy and muddy is inevitable during outdoor activities. So, always carry additional clothes so you’ll be prepared.

Keep the waterproofs ready

Make sure kids have full coverage and wellies that are waterproof so that they’ll keep kids dry and comfortable in muddy conditions.

Prepare for the sun

Sunscreen, sun hat, and long-sleeve quick-dry sun shirt or a lightweight wind jacket are a must when preparing your kids for the sun.

What Are Some Camping Food & Drink Tips you Should Know?

Here are some tips on food and drinks for family camping that will make your trip a culinary success.

Stay hydrated

Make sure there is plenty of clean water so everyone will be hydrated as everyone tends to be more active than usual while camping.

Snack often

Explorations lead to hungry tummies, so carry plenty of quick snacks like trail mix, dried fruit, bananas and, rice cakes.

Simple menu

Don’t prepare any elaborate meals. Stick to recipes that are easy to make. Also, involve kids during meal time preparations as it is a perfect opportunity for sharing responsibility.

How to Get Good Sleep While Camping?

This is one of the most important factors when it comes to experiencing a good camping trip. Being well-rested will ensure that everyone will be in a positive mood. Here are some tips you can follow.

For elders

Wear earplugs and an eye mask as they’ll block light and campsite noises. Don’t share sleeping mats and mattresses so you’ll not be woken up when someone else moves. Carry extra blankets as the temperature can drop during nighttime even during summer.

For children

Choose a peaceful campsite when so that there won’t be much noise so they can sleep peacefully. If there are younger children, carry their favorite bedtime story. Try to wind up an hour before their bedtime so they will wind down naturally. Also, make sure their sleeping bags are cozy and comfortable so they’ll feel at ease.

What Are Some Fun Camping Activities for Kids While Camping?

If you’re heading to a camping site with kids, make sure you have some activities planned for them. It also presents your kids with some hands-on learning. Here are some activities you can do together.

Campsite chores

Allows your kids to be a part of the campsite chores so their sense of achievement and confidence will grow.

Scavenger hunt

Create a simple nature hunt like finding a caterpillar, a pine cone, a stick.

Leaf collage

Make a collage of the leaves that lay on the ground and stick them in a book.

Tell stories

You can either your kids to describe the adventures they’ve had or you can tell their favorite bedtime story or you can also tell a ghost story if you want.

Painted stone pets

Find round stones and ask them to paint them into their favorite pet or monster.

Other ideas to keep kids entertained

Carry frisbees, bats & balls, buckets & spades, and even plastic water containers so you can indulge in messy water play. You can also carry some board games and musical instruments.

Now You’re Ready to Go On a Fun Family Camping Trip

A family camping trip can be an adventure filled with creative possibilities. Once you know the basics, you can begin to understand that camping is more fun and less complicated. We hope that this guide will make you confident and will allow you to prepare for a fun camping trip with your family. You should now be ready to plan your camping adventure with no hesitation. We wish you have a safe and fun camping trip with your family.

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