8 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Our readers often ask us, ‘Which is the best outdoor basketball shoe?’ or ‘Which shoe will make me a better player?’

Well, there is no one single option for these questions. 

Finding the best basketball shoes depends on important factors such as foot size and the kind of play. 

The research for such types of consumer products are getting intense due to the fact that everyone wants to buy the best basketball shoes for the dollars they spend. With information overload, it is getting more difficult to find the best performing shoe for your kind of play. 

So, to save you time when shopping for outdoor basketball shoes, we created a list of the most popular ones in the market. We have also shared the pros, cons, and our top recommendations based on various categories.

Let’s dive right in.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

1. Nike Men’s Lebron XIII

Performance – It has a hexagonal zoom air system which will give you better stability when making quick cuts on the court

Fit – Materials like Flywire, mesh, and Hyperposite are placed in proper areas to keep the foot contained. You can easily tighten the laces with one pull.

Material – The material is comfortable, durable, provides more lockdown, and attracts very little dust. It will protect your foot and support your weight

Style – The physical appearance of the shoe is modern and comes with excellent cushioning. Overall, it is comfortable, durable, and provides more lockdown. It also has 2 color variations


  • Good traction grip in both clean and dusty courts
  • Supportive and comfortable fit
  • Flywire cables for lockdown


  • Overly designed
  • Quite bulky

2. Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier IX

Performance – The traction of the shoe is solid and it offers excellent ankle support. It doesn’t get clogged up with dust or dirt, so you’ll never slip

Fit – The synthetic leather breaks of the shoe will offer you a comfortable and supportive fit. It also has a fuse mixed in for extra flexibility and a soft mesh which is good for your feet

Material – It has a quality rubber sole which will offer you the best traction for outdoor basketball. Cushioning, containment, lace-free closure, and flexible collar are some of the best notable things in this shoe

Style – The shoe has a basic ripstop style setup. Nothing special, or premium, but it works. Plus, it looks great for a laceless shoe


  • Excellent traction
  • Foot is literally supported at all points


  • Cushioning could have been better

3. Adidas Crazy Explosive

Performance – The shoe has a full-length boost midsole.that promotes comfort, energy return, and impact protection

Fit – It has a GeoFit cleatie and a glove-like fit that will give you a comfortable lockdown. The anatomical lace system gives a more enhanced lockdown fit

Material – The shoe has neoprene and flexible TPU layer covers to promote extra support, durability, and containment. The GeoFit cleatie gives more room for breathability

Style – The GeoFit foam will properly wrap around your heel and ankle. It also comes with a variety of color options


  • Good traction, cushion, stability and lockdown
  • Excellent durability


  • Lacing system could have been better 

4. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazylight Boost

Performance – With the boost cushioning, you can pop-off quickly and with more force. Aggressive herringbone traction and rubber compound ensures that the shoe can be used on any surface

Fit – The one-piece cleatie upper gives the shoe a sock-like fit. Low top supports keeps the shoe from creasing

Material – Primeknit, neoprene, and satin-slick lining in the heel part, and heavy midsole makes it a great fit for point guards. The boost cushioning and continental rubber is consistent across the shoe

Style – The shoe definitely has a premium look and feel with pleasant contrasting colors. 


  • Lightweight
  • Good traction and grip
  • Firm forefoot and soft heel


  • Midsole may be heavy for some

5. Adidas D Rose 773 2020 Basketball Shoe

Performance – The shoe offers adequate ankle support and has very little heel slippage. Synthetic leather gives plenty of air circulation and will keep your feet fresh for a long period of time

Fit – The forerunner of quality, cushioning, traction, durability, and comfort makes it one of the best outdoor basketball shoes

Material – Long-lasting synthetic leather and air-cushioned foam rubber gives excellent traction and good sturdiness to the shoe

Style – The shoe is low-cut, retro-style, lightweight, and has a clean look. It comes with 4 different colors. Plus, the cushioning technology really has given a modern touch to the basketball shoe fashion


  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Easy movement


  • May be slender for people with full foot

6. Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe

Performance – Injection-molded midsole will give you a light and responsive ride. The durable rubber outsole and multi-level traction pattern gives excellent grip irrespective of the surface. Also, the heel counter locks gives more stability

Fit – Mid-top collar gives a comfortable support to the shoe. The lace-up closure provides an outstanding tailored fit and supreme comfort

Material – The molded synthetic upper will give a responsive and supportive fit. The perforated leather panels gives the shoe more breathing space

Style – The sleek mid-top silhouette gives the shoe a fast look. Plus, the shoes comes in 6 attractive colors 


  • Durable with great traction
  • Excellent ankle support and heal lockdown


  • Material may be stiff for some
  • Impact protection could have been better

7. Under Armour Curry 3

Performance – Charged cushioning foam and durable solid rubber absorbs impact and provides speed. Meta-Wing carbon fiber shanks give ankle and heel support. Also, the traction pattern gives good stability, grip, and support

Fit – The shoe has an innovative lacing system that is similar to burrito lockdown. It takes care of the medial and lateral side. Carbon fiber shanks gives good stability

Material – Usage of materials such as threadborne upper, parachutes fiber, and anafoam makes the shoe lightweight and gives more breathing space

Style – The shoe is designed for good support and stability. The mid-cut design allows for free movement 


  • Unique lacing system
  • Amazing fit


  • Traction may not be good in dirty courts

8. Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 2

Performance – Cushioning in the midsole will give you more energy during take off. Micro G insole gives more firmness to the shoe. Tread pattern gives good grip, control, and supports movements such as hard cuts

Fit – The upper material gives good support and lockdown. Heel clips in the inner side of the shoe prevents up-down heel slips

Material – Combination of mesh, synthetic, ClutchFit fuse gives the shoe more flexibility, durability, support, and ankle protection

Style – The ClutchFit pattern gives more character to the shoe. Plus, the hourglass shape amplifies the aesthetic look of the shoe 


  • Good cushion and traction
  • Grip is reliable and consistent


  • Thick material may cause heat issues

How to Choose the Best Basketball Shoes?

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind before buying the best outdoor basketball shoe. 

Durability – Never make the mistake of buying a shoe solely based on the style and looks. Find out the durability of the shoe and know the materials used 

Comfort – When it comes to finding the best outdoor basketball shoes, keep an eye on the interior cushioning and weight. This will determine for how long you can be comfortable in the shoe

Traction – To keep your feet balanced and stable during the play, the best outdoor basketball shoes should provide a good level of traction. It is one of the most important things to consider as it contributes to how well you perform in the game

Size and fit – If the shoe does not fit well, it will make you uncomfortable and will increase the chances of injury. So, you can go the extra mile and visit a local store to see if the model you selected fits properly 

Here are some more additional points you have to keep in mind when purchasing the best outdoor basketball shoes based on your playing style. 

Play Style

Features to Focus

Forward player

Interior cushioning

Dribbling focus

Traction and a good exterior

Dribbling and dunking

Agile running and dunking

Final Thoughts 

When you want to buy the best outdoor basketball shoe, first try to be self-aware of the type of player you are. Only then, you can find a shoe that will be in line with your game. 

If you are overwhelmed with our collection of the best basketball shoes, here are the shoes we recommend.

Note – The ratings can change anytime as they were collected from Amazon 

We hope that our blog will help you find the best outdoor basketball shoe. 

Happy dunking!

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