Best Family Camping Tent

Tents come in a variety of styles and sizing. If you are a solo traveler, buying an ordinary and compact tent is enough. But for a family camping, you have to consider several features to have the right deal.

It could be tough for one to sort out the best family camping tent from a bunch of products. Several brands have an extensive collection of tents with the capacity of multiple people.

To overcome this issue, a team of experts has researched and picked the top 5 products. Here we are going to share the list of best tents for family camping with their comprehensive reviews.

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Coleman Dome Tent With Screen Room

For any type of tent, Coleman is a popular name. They mostly produce budget-friendly products without losing quality. If you don’t want to buy something heavy, you can pick this Dome Tent from Coleman.The tent is designed to accommodate six members inside. Comfortably fits two queen-size air mattresses for a comfortable overnight stay.

How To Choose The Best Family Camping Tent?

Before going through the product list, you must know what is important for you. Here are the facts that you should keep into consideration when finalizing an item.


For a family tent, choosing the right size is a crucial thing. Look for the product description to know how many people it can accommodate. But for your further convenience, it is always better to choose a little bit bigger compared to the product description. For example, if there are four members in the family, choose a 6-person tent for comfort.

Choose The Right Type

Based on the weather condition, there are mainly two types of tent available in the market, which are 3-season and 4-season. For the family purpose, you may consider 3-season tents as you may not be interested in camp in the heavy cold. But if you want to experience the real thrill in winter, a 4-season tent is recommended.

Pick The Right Shape

It is important to consider the shape of your tent. A wide range of tents is available for family usages. The most common types are cabin tents, pod tents, dome tents, inflatable tents, and backpack tents. Among them, cabin tents are most spacious. You can comfortably spend the night in this type. You don’t have to crawl inside in a cabin tent. Dome tents are also good, which comes in angled walls and easy adjustment. However, this type won’t give you space for standing inside.

Water Resistance

You want to stay safe with your family members in the tent, right? If so, you must consider only those tents that have water resistance. This gives you full safety even when raining outside. Also, this type of tent used to come with a corner for allowing to take a bath and water removing the feature.

Well Ventilated

To have a sound sleep, pick a tent that avoids suffocation inside. Check for mesh design that allows for perfect ventilation. Also, the fabric should be breathable to have a cool environment inside. Moreover, you may look for a window which provides an area to enjoy outside beauty from the tent.

Best Family Camping Tent

1. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

This is one of the best tents for family usages, which comes with enough space inside. It can accommodate 6-person inside easily. You can comfortably set 2 queen-size air beds inside for your family members. The tent measures 11 x 9 feet with 6-foot 8-inch center height. No matter whether it is raining or dry outside, the floor will be dry.

The thing you will like most is its hinged door, which offers easy in and out. Setting the tent is relatively easy and requires less time. The zipper protection and wind-strong frame provide safety. It features inverted seams, which increase weather resistance by hiding needle holes inside the tent. Extra ventilation and bug-free lounging with the screen room.


  • 75-denier polyester taffeta fly for durability
  • Easy assembly without much expertise
  • Built-in E port for bringing power inside
  • Screen room for safety from bugs
  • Enough room inside and storage pocket


  • No window flaps to zip up over the roof
  • The screen porch has no floor

2. NTK Arizona GT Sport Camping Tent

When we are saying family, it is tough to answer how many members are there. So, it is always better to buy something bigger than accommodate so many people. This sports tent from NTK is an excellent option for perfect family gathering and camping experience. With ample area inside, the tent can hold up to 10 members.The tent is heavily durable with the 2500mm water column and 100% virgin NANO-FLEX shock-corded fiberglass rods. Once you have owned this tent, you can use it for years and years. Its floor always remains dry, and it is anti-fungal for health safety.


  • Zipped stuff bag to store your gears
  • Micro-mosquito mesh to save you from diseases
  • Sturdy frame for durability
  • Easy to assemble and requires less time
  • Plenty of space inside for comfortable living


  • For larger size and high-end features, it is costly

3. CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Awning

Do you prefer something unique and stylish look in the best family camping tent? Pick this CORE item, which is designed to accommodate six people inside. Customers used to like this item because of its easy installation system. It will take a maximum of 1 minute once you are used to the process. There is ample area inside which can accommodate two queen-size air beds.

The tent features ‘T’ style doo and awning. Easy to in and out, and there are windows in it. It includes a rain fly to protect from the wet condition. Durable 68D polyester and telescoping steel poles make the whole item strong — 125gsm P.E. floor material to avoid health issues.


  • Ideal for six people inside
  • Time-saving setup process
  • Water-resistance technology for protection in rainy day
  • Large front door for easy accessing
  • Hanging wall organizer
  • Internal storage to store things


  • It is heavy and not suitable for carrying in a backpack
  • The electric port doesn’t have a closing system

4. Ozark Trail 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

With a family tour, you want a relaxing feel, right? This demands a spacious tent where you can move without crawling. For this, you should buy the Ozark family tent that features enough room inside. This giant tent can comfortably accommodate 9-person inside. In one tent, you can set two twin mattresses and a queen size mattress for sleeping.

Setting the tent is relatively easy and folds easily for carrying. It doesn’t require any assembling. The poles are pre-attached to the tent for handiness. The main material of the tent is polyester, and the frame comes with steel construction.


  • It is affordable with reasonable price
  • Vertical walls for enough height inside
  • Corner gear shelf to store stuff securely
  • Color-coded setup for your convenience
  • Features screened porch


  • It is bulky and heavy
  • It is not fully taped and has only one door

5. Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

For any type of tent, Coleman is a popular name. They mostly produce budget-friendly products without losing quality. If you don’t want to buy something heavy, you can pick this Dome Tent from Coleman. The tent is designed to accommodate six members inside. Comfortably fits two queen-size air mattresses for a comfortable overnight stay.

Tub floor with patented welds and protected seams for passing water. Its WeatherTec system will keep the inside dry. With the durable frame and polyester taffeta 75D material, this tent lasts longer than similar products. Moreover, it features a screen room to avoid bugs when sleeping


  • Easy installation within 15 minutes
  • Separate screen room for the bug-free night
  • Well ventilated for a cool inside
  • Zipper cuff for water resistance
  • Floor remain dry, and it is waterproof
  • Wind strong frame for stability


  • Doesn’t sustain in extreme weather
  • The bag is not enough for carrying easily


Now you know exactly what is the best family camping tent. Now it is your turn, what do you prefer and what not. Based on your choice and preferences, pick the right one from the list. You don’t have to be worried about the quality as experts select each product.

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